POR15 on the Cage

The monkey bars in the Screamin’ Woody were done by Mark Artis at Texas Thunder in 2004. He painted it in Rust-oleum Hammered Gray. I’ve painted the cage twice since in Hammered Silver and lastly (about three years ago) in Hammered Gold. If you’ve been reading along, I’m changing the interior from Red & Gold to all Black.

There’s a whole bunch of Hammered paint texture on there. All of the bars were first scuffed to hold paint. The door cross bars were taken to bare metal. They’ve taken the biggest beating from me climbing in and the Passenger seat in and out (if the car needs to be 45 pounds lighter) having the brackets scrape the Passenger side.

Today they were wiped down and received a coat of POR15 to seal the metal with a diamond hard coating. Tomorrow they’ll get a final coat of Hammered Black. I hope to have the headliner in by Wednesday night. The below are end of day photos from today.

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