It Just Fits (Race Car Lexan)

Today I ran to Southeast Houston to buy a 4’X8′ piece of Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate to replace the windows in the wagon. It took a lot of shuffling around to be able to get all pieces from one sheet, but I got it done.

The cuts have been traced, but I need to wait until my order for 32TPI blades come in tomorrow. It will take a couple days cut out, test fit and adjust, smooth the edges clean, and then drill the holes (33 each in the back side windows fir instance) for #10 machine screws. I first need to drill out the holes in the car so I can install rivet threadcerts. Currently, to install and remove the windows require someone inside for the nuts and someone outside with a T-Handle hex wrench. For the future, I want to be able to take them out by myself, to clean the inside when needed.

Laid out the old windows to trace
Ready for me to cut out with a jigsaw and a 32tpi blade
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