And So The Torched Is Passed To The Screamin’ Woody

In 2005, a 1960 Plymouth Station Wagon was converted into a Nostalgia Super Stock drag car, called the Texas Whale.

The Texas Whale was the car that propelled Dave Schultz to the Nostalgia Super Stock National Championship of NMCA for 2014. Click Here if you wish to visit the Texas Whale web site.

After over a decade of faithful service, the Texas Whale was starting to get “Long on the Tooth” and overdue for a complete restoration. Since the restoration of the “Texas Thug” (backup car) had just been completed, a decision was made to race the Thug as the primary car in 2018, and to restore the Texas Whale.  While “The Whale” is widely recognized and admired, Dave felt that racing the only 1960 Plymouth 2-dr Wagon wasn’t quite unique enough. One way to become the absolutely most unique car racing in Nostalgia Super Stock — was to race the class’ only 1960 Plymouth Wood Paneled 2-dr Wagon, and thus the concept of the “Screamin’ Woody was born in Dave’s strange mind.

The Whale was stripped down of its drive train and trim, had some body imperfections addressed, and wet sanded smooth.

An artist and Dave worked on Dave’s vision, and the car was taken to Evansville, IN. to have that vision applied onto the body of the wagon.

The wagon returned to the MoparStyle Racing shop in Beasley, TX this last Tuesday, to begin the long process of having virtually every part of the car removed and restored or replaced. The hope is to have the car ready for the first 2019 NMCA race next March.

Today starts the beginning of the “Screamin’ Woody’s” new web site. It will be built concurrently with the car. Updates will be regular, so bookmark this address to follow along with progress of both the car and the site.

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