Part Time Race Car Mechanic Wanted

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I’m looking for a very special kind of Technician with a lot of experience on 60s & 70s Mopars, to work in my shop in Beasley, Texas. Beasley is a small town exactly 40 miles southwest of downtown Houston, 1 mile off the I-69 Interstate.

The Top Priority is the repair and maintenance of my two NSS Drag cars.

You would need to have the ability to at least do the following unsupervised:

  • Set Valve lash on solid lifter race motors
  • R&R engines and transmissions
  • Knowledge of Carter ABF/AVS carbs to make spring and jet changes
  • Ford 9″ rear ends
The second priority is the maintenance and repair of a handful of collector cars I own.

Current Examples of repairs currently in my list to be done include:

  • Replace Power Brake Booster in 64 Imperial
  • Reinstall Engine & Transmission in a 78 Dodge Magnum that had its engine bay repainted
  • Replace in-tank fuel pump in 93 Cadillac Allante
  • Replace Power Window motor 78 Dodge
  • Disassemble slow power window motors in 64 Imperial to clean (old caked grease), grease and reassemble
  • Gas gauge stopped working
  • Fix tail lights & turn signal issue after installing LED bulbs

I have a well equipped shop with all of the tools and diagnostic equipment you could wish for. I have a new 4-post lift, full size air compressor, pneumatic engine hoist…. That said – my shop is not air conditioned or heated (at the moment), and those not use to working in Texas heat will have a hard time during the day.

In addition to requiring a high level of experience and competency on 60s & 70s Mopars, I’m often out of town and will need to be able to trust the honesty and integrity of the person. I don’t need my shit to walk off or worry that this person is screwing off.

I can give this person 8-24 hours a week, and after an initial time of my observing, this person could pretty much choose their scheduled time around another job, or the shop temperatures. IE: early mornings or late evenings – if that person has the ability to give an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wages. This would be a contractor position, and not an employee. There would be a good hourly rate, but no other benefits or Workman’s Comp provided. I can’t assume liability. It’s like being my roofer. You’re paid to do the job – and assume the danger risks. The rate I have in mind for the perfect fit, who could prove my requirements, would be $30hr for first 90 days. $35hr after, and $40hr after 2 years. Obviously there’s no length of service guarantee to either of us. If you can’t do what I need, I won’t have you anymore. If you don’t like the job – you’re free to go.

This might be a perfect situation for a drag racer in the North who has retired and wishes to move to a warmer climate, while still earning some good money working part time. Assuming, that person still had the necessary healthy and strength to do some of the heavy work.

I tried to lay out all of the facts so that most of the initial questions are answered. If you feel we’d be the right fit for each other, send me an email (ONLY!) detailing all of the things you feel I should know about you, if I were to consider you. My email address is Please don’t call (I seldom answer unknown phone numbers as I don’t need a credit card or car warranty) and I hate Facebook’s PM.

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