Drag Racing & Diesel Prices

I’m scheduled to run 11 Races in 2022, with the closest being 900 miles away. Next Monday, I leave for my first race in Bradenton, FL. I burn about 600 gallons of diesel in my 45′ Coach pulling a 32′ Stacker trailer, and a week of generator for that race. It generally runs $1200-$1500, but this year will cost me about $3500.

Many of the people I race with have already indicated they can’t afford to run the whole series. A friend who ran a Stock and a Super Stock car at the Baby Gator Nats last week tells me that those classes had about half the car as the year before. The Gator Nats running this week has had a ton if cancellations. This is how Sportsman Drag Racing will be affected this year. Racers, Promoters, Sanctioning Bodies, and racetracks will be hurt. Some so badly that they’ll close.

While the current White House Occupant is blaming this on Putin, we all know this is Brandon’s fault.


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