Screamin’ Woody Update

The new carpet is in. Since I went the stock 60 Plymouth molded carpet than glue and hammering in real thin carpet. The benefit is that I thing it looks nicer, and has the foot wear pads. The drawback is that it has very think Jute, and my car’s floor was far from stock with a roll cage, race shifter with cable coming through the floor, and the transmission tunnel is bigger than stock as I originally had a Jerico transmission, Ling shifter and Boninfante Clutch.

Reality was that I had to make a lot of cuts in the carpet for the pipes, and especially pie cuts to widen for the trans tunnel. All of those area had to be repaired with iron-on seaming. While it is not concours quality work, it is more than acceptable than what I had.

The below are the final photos after the seats (redyed black) reinstalled, headliner replaced, door panels recovered, interior trim painted black, all Lexan replaced and the cage painted.

These were taken during the process,

Also recovered the two door panel, that were red.

The below are photos of what the interior previously looked like.

It’s getting down to crunch time as I still have to completely rewire the car, recover and install the interior panels in the back, anchor the seat belts, install a rear window and detail the car head to toe. Racing is in three weeks and yet I’m still working on this car, the Vitamin C, the Stacker and the motorhome.

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