Lexan Finished – Driver’s Name & Numbers On

The Lexan on the Screamin’ Woody was old, cracked, discolored and scratched. I decided to replace and try to improve on how mounted. To install or remove the old windows. someone had to crawl into the back of the car and hold a wrench on the nut, while someone on the outside used an 1/8″ hex wrench on the button head machine screws.

I used rivet thread certs to replace the nuts, and so one person could remove and replace. I also painted a 2″ border around the rear sides to clean it up a little.

I first used Stainless Steel Machine Screws, but didn’t like the Contrast with the black border
I pulled out the SS screws and used Black Screws and nylon countersunk washers to clean up.
With Driver’s Name and Competition Number

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