Dyed the Seats

From beige when I bought then in 2005, to red about three years ago, to satin black last week, to gloss black today – my seats have been through Hell.

The Interior about 15 years ago
The Interior Last Year

Last week I dyed the red seats from the wagon a satin black. I didn’t like as it looked streaky and patchy. Three years earlier I had my shop rat dye them from a beige/tan to red. I instructed him to foam brush on 5 or 6 very light coats. He instead slathered on two thick coats with all kinds of drips, runs and splatters. They stood out even worse in satin black, so I sanded down the bigger dye flaws before dying the seats gloss black.

The below are the Satin Black seats after they were scuffed, the bigger red drips sanded down, wiped down with grease/wax remover and wiped with a tack cloth.

And the below are after each seat has had five coats (28 Oz per seat) of gloss black dye, which is essentially black paint with adhesive promoter and flex agent.

The seats are big and heavy (45 pounds each) because I’m big and heavy. If I need about 5 numbers to hit my index, the Passenger Seat comes out.

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